A Decentralized Virtual World
owned by developers and gamers


Token Sale Starts:April 15, 2018

Built on blockchain, One Game is a decentralized and self-evolving world governed by creators, gamers, and players.

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What Makes One Game Unique

A decentralized virtual world that grants gamers the ability to create their own digital universe
A self-evolving platform where unlimited gaming possibilities and variations are generated
An incentive based ecosystem where tokens are awarded to the top performing creators and players
Q & A
What kind of game is One Game?

One Game is not a single game, but a platform on which any player can make their own games. Professional developers can also use our developer's tools to create advanced experiences.

How to get land in One Game?

There is an unlimited supply of land in One Game. Anyone can get new land by paying a small fee. Maintenance fees are also needed to subsidize the system resources used by the land.

How to obtain OGT Tokens?

You can join our token sale, buy them from exchanges after the token is listed in exchanges, or earn them through our incentive program after the platform is launched.

What's the difference between One Game and Decentraland?

Our project is inspired by Decentraland, and we improved the following areas: 1) Unlimited land supply; 2) Decentralized governance; 3) Incentive programs; 4) Genetic algorithm based platform self-evolvement.

Tell me more about how the platform self-evolves?

We borrowed the genetic concept from CryptoKitties; however, One Game is a more complicated platform, and requires more work to develop the full theory. Please wait for our future whitepapers.

Will you open source?

Yes. Right now, we are working very hard to create the fundamental libraries. As soon as we finish our early milestone, we will open source. Please stay tuned.

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Core Team

Pu Shi

Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur; Investor and adviser in multiple blockchain projects; Independent game developer with more than 10 years’ experience; Former Co-founder and CTO of Carloha.com; Former Google and Microsoft Senior Software Engineer; M.S. in Computer Science from Emory University.
Kurt Young

Chief Producer

Co-Founder and Creative Director of Mokuni Games; Created games downloaded over 10 million times; Former Creative Director of The9 Limited (NASDAQ: NCTY); M.S. in Computer Arts from School of Visual Arts.
Fox Chen  

Chief Technical Artist

Co-Founder and Lead Programer of Mokuni Games; Created games downloaded over 10 million times; M.S. in Computer Science from New York University
Jason Zou

Chief Blockchain Engineer

Tech Lead and Manager on Google Maps; 7+ years of experience working on Google Maps using industry-leading AI technologies; Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from Stony Brook University; Former ACM-ICPC programming contest medalist.
Mingjie Zhou, CFA

Chief Strategy Officer

Investment banker with 10+ years of experience in M&A and IPO; Investor of a Bangkok based cryptocurrency exchange; B.S. in Mathematics and Economics from Macalester College; MBA in Finance from Simon Business School, University of Rochester.
Anthony Andreoli

Business Development Director

Broad business experience in legal, entertainment, digital media, and commercial real estate; Graduated cum laude from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania; LLM from Temple's Beasley School of Law; JD from Villanova Law School.


Ralph Liu


Former Managing Director of JP Morgan Chase in Hong Kong; former Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer of China Everbright Bank in Beijing; built and ran a successful Singapore-based derivatives trading, risk management and banking system fintech company in the 90’s called ARMS (Advanced Risk Management Solutions) which provided services over 26 countries covering from Asia, Middle East to Eastern and Central Europe.
Aries Wang


Co-founder of BiBox.com (world's top 20 crypto exchange); Finance Expert, Serial Entrepreneurial, and Venture Capitalist; Yale University Fintech Forum Keynote Speaker.

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